Dr Ian Patrick
Dr Haitham Omar
  Dr Jane Spark
Dr Ritu Khanna
  Dr Peter Synnott
Dr Karen Campbell
Journey to a winning smile

Initial Consultation

Discussion with patient & parents re their reasons for consultation.
Full examination of teeth, jaws, face & examination of x-rays.
Detailed explanation to patient & parents of problems & treatment options for solving problems & quote for cost of treatment.

Records Appointment

Pre-treatment records including photographs & molds of the teeth.

Appliance Fitting Appointments

Full Braces – (1 short appt. for separators & 1 longappt. 1-1 ½ hours)
Plates & expanders – (2 half hour appoints., 2 weeks apart)
Invisalign – 2 one hour appointments about 6 weeks apart.

Adjustment Appointments

Short appointments – duration - 10-15 minutes every 4-6 weeks (For school age patients, these appointments can be after school)
As well as the adjustment appointments, patients with braces need a half hour appointment to change wires etc. every 3-4 months.

Remove Braces

When the active period with braces is complete and the teeth are in the best possible position, the braces are removed.


The next step is called RETENTION.


This is an important part of the overall treatment and must not be ignored or neglected.


RETAINERS: are utilized to hold your teeth in their new positions until your bone, gums, and muscles adapt to the new teeth positions.


These must be worn as instructed, otherwise the teeth may move back towards their original position and the benefit of wearing the braces will be lost. Some people may need retainers for an extended period of time others may need a permanent retainer.


The orthodontist will determine:

The type of retainer most suited to the individual.

How much the retainer must be worn.

            How long the retainer must be worn for.



Retainers are checked at a short appointment every 3 months to ensure teeth are aligned & to check the bite – for school age patients, these appointments can be after school.