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How much does orthodontic treatment cost?

13th March 2014, Posted by admin

Cost, of course, depends on the nature of the problem. Many orthodontic problems require only limited treatment and the price tag may be lower than you think. However, if someone needs braces on both top and bottom teeth to fix a complicated problem with the teeth and the bite, treatment can take about 2 years.

The cost of this treatment will depend on the severity of the problem. The fee can be paid off over 18 months and many Health Funds give refunds for orthodontic treatment. Our cost includes one set of removable or fixed retainers after the braces are removed.

At your consultation appointment, the treatment, the cost and the method of payment will be fully explained and a written quote will be given to you. We accept cheques, cash, Bpay, EFTPOS and credit cards for payment whichever is the most convenient. While it is important to keep in mind the long term benefit orthodontic treatment offers, we know you have specific questions so don’t be afraid to ask.

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