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Adolescent Treatment


Maxillary expansion appliances are used to widen the upper dental arch to:

  • Correct crossbite(s): top jaw that is too narrow in relation to the lower jaw.
  • Improve smile by making more teeth visible.
  • Create more space at the front for crowded teeth.

The maxillary expansion appliance is a custom made appliance, which can be:

  • Fixed to the back teeth and a metal framework that attaches it to the side teeth.
  • Removable plate.
  • Create more space at the front for crowded teeth.

They may have an expansion screw located in the appliance, which has a small hole that is turned regularly by the patient using a special key we provide.

In most cases, the ideal age for braces, and other orthodontic treatment, is between 10 and 14 years of age. By this time, all of the permanent teeth have erupted. Moving and correcting the alignment of the teeth follows the same biological and physical process regardless of age.

Hyrax rapid maxillary expansion appliance



Functional appliances are devices used to normalise growth discrepancies between the upper and lower jaw. They work by influencing the growth and development of a growing patient.

The most common use of a functional appliance is to encourage the forward growth of a retrusive or “under-developed” lower jaw. The functional appliance holds the lower jaw forward over a period until the teeth, jaws and joints have “adapted” and the desired jaw position has been obtained.

The effectiveness of a functional appliance depends on:

  • how much the appliance is worn
  • how quickly the patient is growing
  • favourable growth

Functional appliances align the jaws not the teeth, so they are usually used as a first stage of treatment (in a growing patient with a significant jaw disharmony) prior to the alignment of the teeth with fixed appliances (braces).

‘Twin Blocks’ Functional applianceĀ